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The superbugs campaign

How do you get the attention of global pharmaceutical companies on a shoestring budget? Working with SumOfUs and ChangingMarkets, we set out to turn the biggest pharma conference in the world into a protest against superbugs and harmful waste produced by industry giants like Teva and Pfeizer.


CPHI is the worlds biggest pharma conference. Our job was to challenge Pfeizer and Teva, two big anti-biotics producers, to commit to cleaning up their supply chain. To announce the "Great Superbug Challenge" we had to get creative, as the budget for promotion was very limited. Our goal was to reach as many conference participants as possible. To do this we created a fake website that looked liked the conference website. As many participants search for the conference website in the 2 weeks leading up to the event, we've decided to use a Google Ad campaign to drive traffic to the site. On first glance participants could not distinguish the fake site from the real one, but after a few seconds little bacteria started "growing" on the site. Once the screen was filled visitors were taken to a site that explained the background of the stunt and what they can do to protect the world from superbugs. The other element was that we knew twitter feeds would be on screens at the conference. Hence we used various fake accounts to dominate the live coverage of the event. The most popular tweets and pictures were promoting the campaign - some of them showing activists in front of the conference, dressed up as superbugs. Through LinkedIn Pro Membership, we used inbound messages to "warn" key executives at Teva and Pfeizer about the stunt and sent them information on what they could do. All in all we managed to reach about half of the conference through these activities and the campaign is still thriving.

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