Why working at more onionis fun

There are a few reasons why people want to work with us. The main reason is often that we are committed to core values and we work with progressive non-profits. As an organisation we have a very open culture and we make important decisions as a group. Team members have flexible working hours and location is typically flexible as well.

Currentjob openings

We are currently hiring for the following roles:

You can also join our jobs email list if you would like to get notified when opportunities arise. If you would like to send us a pro-active application you can fill in this form.

Work with us as afreelancer

If you want to get to know us and maybe work on a freelance basis from time to time just send us an email. We have a database and if we need your expertise we'll get back to you. You might even be able to get a little image of yours next to other people we work with (space is rather limited though).