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Building change. Together.

More onion is more than just an agency – our team are committed activists and fundraisers who bring a passion for social change along with deep strategic, creative and technical expertise.

Some of our clients

What makesmore onion special

Based in London, Vienna and Berlin, our team of 18 brings together strategy, creative and technology skills, investing in learning and experimentation to drive forward innovation and good practice in the sector. We work exclusively with progressive non-profits to deliver high-impact digital campaigns and fundraising.

more onion team standing in a circle with hands in the middle Around 30 participants of the eCampaigning Forum Europe standing on steps throwing their hands in the air

more onion team picture with trees and grass in the background

We are digital mobilisation experts

We don't just deliver beautiful digital products (though we do). We're focused on the bigger aim – real engagement. We'll work with you to develop experiences and journeys that attract, convert and retain supporters and donors to your cause.

We offer flexible support

Think of us as an extension to your team, with expertise right through strategy, creative, user experience and technology. We can work with your existing technology, or provide you with a full solution - our responsive support can be tailored to your needs and adapt to complement your in-house resources.

5 more onion team members standing in front of a blackboard

A hand is drawing a supporter journey diagram on a flipchart

We are commited to making a difference

We never lose sight of the real goal of your project - building support for real-world change. We won't just follow a brief to deliver what you've asked for, we'll work collaboratively with you to fully understand and deliver what you need.

We love to collaborate and learn

We're obsessed with testing and optimisation, and believe that research time is never wasted. As well as high-quality outputs, we pride ourselves on offering our clients a high-quality experience, with realistic expectations and clear communication at every stage.

Two team members looking at a laptop screen and discussing what they are seeing

Florian Engel gives a talk about campaigning and fundraising

Proven success

Since 2008 we've delivered over 500 projects, for clients across Europe, including award-winning work. But don't take our word for it – have a look at our work to find out more and hear what our clients have to say.

Our Team

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