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Amnesty International UK: Supporter journeys, training and consultancy

We supported Amnesty International UK to design strategically-driven, integrated supporter journeys to welcome new supporters, convert supporters to donors, and to reactivate inactive contacts.

It’s been great working with more onion, we’ve learnt loads and really appreciated all the support on these journeys. We’ve just launched our new welcome journey we developed with more onion and are really pleased with the initial results.

quote.portrait_alt Elly Crump
Senior Digital Marketing Specialist
Amnesty International UK

What we did

Amnesty International UK was already sending some great supporter communications, but they were disconnected between teams and as a result opportunities to deepen relationships, attract support for campaigns, and to raise money were being missed.

Amnesty wanted to improve their approach to supporter communications by grounding them not within internal structures and team divisions, but in their organisational strategy and supporter needs.

Cross-organisational training to build a common approach

More onion started the project with an in-house training day for 16 members of staff from the campaigns, fundraising, digital, advocacy, community organising and data teams. The training developed a shared understanding of why integrated journeys are so important and, of course, how to design and develop them. This day provided a great foundation for closer cross-team working, shared goals and shared processes.

As a result of the training monthly supporter check-ins were organised across the participating teams to share the results of recent emails, actions and asks, and upcoming opportunities to improve the supporter experience. These meetings are also used to continue work to develop and evolve email journeys, so this becomes a part of the ongoing communication planning, not a one-off activity.

Planning journeys, testing and optimisation

After this initial training, more onion then worked closely with the Amnesty digital engagement team to develop the strategies for three core journeys: a welcome, a donor conversion, and a reactivation. These strategies included proposed supporter journey structures and a testing and optimisation plan to ensure that the journeys were meeting their objectives as effectively as possible.

Finally we worked with the Amnesty team to develop ideas for rich engagement content for each of the journeys and to identify opportunities for personalisation within the journeys.

The journeys will be launched in 2020 and we hope to have results to share soon.

Some of our clients

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