• Online campaigns strategy

    You need help with an online campaign? We can craft the digital strategy that aligns with your campaign and fits into your power analysis. Our team has experience with mobilizing supporters, setting up targeted actions and developing engagement strategies.

  • Online fundraising consultancy

    Turning online activists into donors is not easy. We know. But by following best practices, investing in good engagement strategies and through constant testing, our team can generate valuable leads as well as new donors for your fundraising.

  • Evaluation of tools

    Finding the right tools to use and building a setup that really meets your requirements is hard work. That's why many organizations rely on our support to evaluate different solutions and help them get started with their new set of tools. We know most players on the market and we've built projects using more than 40 different web apps.

  • connected dots

    User Experience Design

    User Experience Design is often a process that involves a lot of stakeholders. After all, everyone in the organization wants to be happy with the new website, right? We've really learned to be patient through working with grassroots organizations. By the end of the process everyone will understand that user scenarios, personas, user needs and usablity are key to every relaunch.

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    Performance review

    You want to improve your overall performance in the digital sector? Better engagement, better conversions, win campaigns and meet your fundraising goals? We can evaluate your work, analyze your data and suggest how you could improve over time. We'll teach you the best practices, how to understand your data and use testing as a means of continuous improvement.

  • Pre-Launch consulting

    You are at the beginning of a launch process? We've been there a thousand times! And we've made many mistakes. If you're curious, we're happy to share our experience with you, help you gain the trust of other departments and guide you through the process.

We also offer the following trainings

  • How to optimize landing pages

    You want to increase conversion rates on your landing pages? This one day training is a mix of testing, usability best practices, copywriting ideas, analyzing the work of others and hands on action. After this training we've seen clients improve their conversion rates by over 30%.

  • Ecampaigning basics

    Online campaigning 101. You'll learn how to do your power analysis, find a compelling theory of change, find the right target and how to mobilize supporters. Then we'll package the whole thing into a wonderful story ready to be told. This training provides the foundation to get started in the online campaigning world.

  • Online fundraising basics

    How does successful online fundraising work? We'll teach you the basics, from generating leads to converting them to become donors. An important aspect is how to embed your online fundraising into a multi-channel environment and which tools you need. So far, everyone who's participated in this training hired us as online fundraising partner afterwards.

  • How to use email

    Email is still at the heart of every online campaign. We can help you choose the right tools, implement them for you and teach you best practices. This course is all about copy writing, using split testing and how to keep your list engaged. As part of the training we'll also show you how to design and test good email templates.

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    Real impact with social media

    Social media is an important channel these days. We'll help you get started using social media, show you how to measure your impact and how to link social with other channels.

  • How to use Campaignion!

    Our team offers training courses on how to use Campaignion - from the developers' perspective or editorial view. After this training you'll be able to set up actions in no time and you'll know all the tricks to optimize Campaignion according to your needs.


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