• Tools for online fundraising

    With our Drupal based fundraising and campaigning tool "Campaignion" we can meet your technology needs. Creation of new donation pages, choosing payment options, generating leads and engaging your donors is as easy as a pie. The tool can integrate with email marketing, your database, analytics and your website.

  • Database integration

    Online fundraising can be really powerful once the tools are integrated into your fundraising database. We've integrated numerous systems already and used every possible method: from APIs to automated CSV file import/export systems.

  • Multi-Channel strategies

    Have you ever wondered which scenario converts more supporters into donors: asking for their phone number online and calling them or asking them to give via credit card? We'll happily assist you to run multi-channel experiments and optimize the digital channel to meet your fundraising goals.

  • Payment processing

    Payment processing can be a daunting subject. Sometimes different payment processors offer better rates in specific countries and transaction costs vary widely. We're happy to assist you in selecting the right payment processors for your organization and implement them into your online fundraising tool.

  • Landing page optimization

    We are specialized in optimizing donation pages and landing pages. We tweak images, design, copy and form elements on an ongoing basis while measuring the performance. An investment like this can double your online revenue and quadruple the amount of new leads coming in.

  • Email solutions & list building

    Email is still at the heart of every online communication. Our team can help you find and implement an email marketing solution, integrate it with your database and help you get started. We also offer list building and email marketing as a service.

  • Email sign

    Lead generation

    You need new leads and you want to try something new? We will identify opportunities for lead generation for you, come up with ideas on how to attract new people and support the entire engagement process through the funnel. You only pay per lead generated and per lead converted (into donors).

  • Online fundraising strategies

    You have the feeling you're not getting the most out of your online fundraising? We can develop your online fundraising strategy, run tests to validate our advice and help you put it to practice. For some organizations we're like the digital extension of their fundraising team.

  • Upgrading strategies

    Upgrading can also happen with a multi-channel approach. Using email you can quickly test which copy leads to the desired upgrading behavior and which of the generated leads show maximum long term value. Through testing and looking at the data we can help you identify the sources of leads and upgrading strategies for those leads.

  • Whole fundraising campaign packages

    You're running this fundraising campaign but you want to hand over the online part to someone else? We offer "full service" outsourcing of online fundraising campaigns - from strategy to technology and creative work. Just like in traditional fundraising costs are linked to performance.

  • Conversion checks & analytics

    How well does your website perform to convince visitors to give online? How many people abandon your donation form? By looking at your analytics and performing a few small tests we can advise you on how to improve your conversion rates and how your website should change to encourage visitors to donate.

  • Two graphs going up

    Campaigning & Fundraising integrated

    Our team strongly beliefs in the combination of campaigning and fundraising. We've had some amazing success stories by generating leads, engaging them in a campaign and then asking them to become donors. Campaigning can not just change politics but it can also play an important role in supporter engagement and lead generation.

  • Peer to peer fundraising

    Peer to peer fundraising is not just great because your supporters will start fundraising for you. What's interesting is that you get an insight on how your supporters are connected to each other and you can use that in communications. Peer to peer fundraising is also a great tool to generate new one-time donors that you can later convert into regular donors.

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