Accessibility features

Quick access links

When using a screen reader there are several links not visible on the screen that allow you to skip specific parts such as the navigation to jump directly to the content. If you have an idea on how to improve these even further, let us know!

Text resizing

Increasing the font size works in every browser (even with Internet Explorer). This website remains fully accessible and usable even after the font size is adjusted according to your needs.

Colour choices

All text colours are in sufficient contrast to the background to be still readable even if you perceive colours differently or your screen does not show sufficient contrast. Furthermore, long texts always have a white background and a dark font colour rather than the other way around.

Browser window resizing

You can resize the browser window and the website will adjust to your preference. All content will adapt to fit the new screen size, whether that's images, texts, videos or the navigation. If your browser window is smaller than 400 px we assume that you are using a handheld device and the interface will become more touch-friendly. Due to restricitons in technology some of these features only work well with JavaScript enabled.

JavaScripts degrade gracefully

If JavaScript is not enabled or not available, all content of this website will still be accessible. While some features might not be as pleasant to use or look less appealing, we are dedicated to provide a usable JavaScript alternative.