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Stop Glyphosate! Friends of the Earth Germany

New strategies, new tools and the joined-up campaign


The BUND (Friends of the Earth Germany) asked us to help them develop into a more effective campaigning organisation. To help them achieve this goal, we've supported them in a number of ways including providing strategic advice on campaign development, developing creative ideas for online and offline and by providing powerful campaigning technology in the form of our Impact Stack toolset plus some custom development. We created a range of opportunites for BUND supporters to get involved in the campaign, as well as a few different approaches to get our target’s attention. And when the Minister wouldn’t respond to conventional tactics, this meant getting a little creative!

Adaptablecreative ideas

More onion worked with BUND to develop a minimalistic creative concept for the campaign, designed to effortlessly adapt to different situations, from a 10 meter high banner to social media pictures and webpages.

live comments

After the Minister refused to publically respond to campaign emails, we decided to get a little innovative to make sure that he couldn’t miss BUND supporters’ messages. BUND set up a massive screen outside of the Minister’s offices with a [scrolling live feed of supporter messages]( To make this happen we built a custom tool within Impact Stack that allowed staff to live moderate these comments which were submitted by supporters through an online form.

Integratingcampaigns and fundraising

An important part of our consultancy was integrating campaigning and fundraising. One of the ways we did this was supporting BUND to run a full-page supporter-funded newspaper advert targeting the Minister. This also features donor names in the ad to show the strength of support behind the message.

Theright tools

BUND used more onion’s [Impact Stack toolset]( to deliver this campaign. Everything from campaign actions the big screen action were run using Impact Stack. The campaign also benefitted from Impact Stack’s email tool integrations which ensured that supporter data was always up to date and ready for the next campaign email. Now all of this technology is in place, the BUND team are brilliantly placed to build and launch a new campaign at a moment’s notice.

A new look forthe BUND actions

In a follow-up project, we developed brand new campaign and fundraising templates to boost conversion rates even further, helping to increase the number of action takers and donors for all future campaigns.

Some of our clients

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