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Possible: digital mobilisation training

We delivered bespoke digital mobilisation training for Possible to help them level up their knowledge and skills, and build a shared understanding of best practice across different teams.

The training really met our objectives; our team now has the common understanding of digital mobilisation that we were looking for, and we're already putting it all into action with new colour-coded trello boards, checklists and strategic engagement actions. We appreciated the effort that had gone into planning effective, engaging online training activities. We covered loads and it felt just as, if not more efficient than an in person session.

quote.portrait_alt Hannah Bland
Supporter Engagement Officer

What we did

Like many organisations, Possible were aware they had a variety of levels of experience in digital mobilisation and different levels of knowledge across their campaigns, fundraising and communications teams.

We worked with them to devise a tailored training programme that developed and levelled-up everyone’s skills, while also drawing on the different expertise and knowledge within the team. The training delivered a shared understanding across teams of what best practice looks like for Possible’s campaigning and fundraising and a common framework and approach for implementing these which supports effective, integrated ways of working.

how we did it

We delivered four workshops for a group of 11 staff with a range of different roles, including campaigners, fundraisers, communications executives, project managers and directors. Each session focused on a different digital mobilisation area: designing supporter journeys, writing supporter emails, developing engagement actions and optimising campaign and donation pages.

The workshops were structured to include a mix of expert input from more onion digital strategists, practical exercises, group discussion, personal reflection, and ‘homework’ to help make the most of the training time.

Because of the coronavirus pandemic, the workshops were delivered remotely via virtual meeting platform Zoom. We carefully designed the sessions to play to the strengths of this online format, focusing on making them as interactive as possible using accessible platforms and structuring them tightly to keep energy high and attendees engaged.

Some of our clients

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