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Mencap User generated campaign content, and donation page design

More onion has been working with Mencap since 2014, here's a little about what we’ve achieved together.

more onion are great to work with - transparent, efficient, knowledgeable and always friendly. They give clear updates throughout the project so you know where you are, and they bend over backwards to deliver what you want, within scope and on time, yet they'll tell you if something you want isn't best practice or accessible and will suggest alternative solutions, which I like.

quote.portrait_alt Lucy Boyd
Digital Content Officer

Using supporter generated content toPOWER A CAMPAIGN

Mencap is a UK based organisation and the leading voice of learning disability. They value and support people with a learning disability, their families and carers. Ahead of the 2015 general election Mencap wanted to make sure that the voices of people with learning disabilities were heard by candidates. The aim was to convince the candidates to care about the things affecting the lives of people with a learning disability and their families. We created a microsite for this purpose which integrated with the “Email your Representative” modul of Engaging Networks. We created attractive and very easy to use forms that encouraged people to share their stories and perspectives. These stories could then be shared with the supporter’s local candidates and published to the microsite. The election candidates themselves were also given the possibility to show their support and add an image and statement to the site, creating a beautiful display of support for people with learning disabilities. Mencap were going for a quality over quantity approach and hoped to collect 100 unique stories as a part of this project. They received over 1,000 supporter stories, and got 832 candidates so sign the pledge, this included three main party leaders, senior ministers and 151 MPs in the new Parliament. The project also generated substantial media coverage, with 206 pieces reaching a potential 178 million people.


Mencap decided to work with us to launch new, optimized and mobile friendly donation pages on our Campaignion campaigning and fundraising platform. Mencap's former donation pages were not performing very well. That's why they decided to work with us and to launch new, optimized and mobile friendly donation pages. Their main focus was to invest in better user experience to maximize the return on the money they had invested attracting new supporters by converting them into donors.

Campaignion customized

Mencap's donation pages are based on Campaignion with a customized theme adapted to their branding. They use SagePay as payment provider for credit cards and the standard Campaignion option for direct debit. We were able to add customized design to the payment transaction and also hide some of the 1001 form fields from SagePay you could theoretically ask your supporters to fill in. So although Mencap's supporters land on an external site, the user experience feels organic and uninterrupted.

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