• What we consider to be ethical

    Advertising and marketing has turned words like "ethical" and "sustainable" into a no-brainer: attach it to your brand and increase sales. While we frequently receive requests for "whitewashing" or "greenwashing" campaigns, our answer always remains the same: no. We truly care about the people on this planet and the environment. Our current economic system has done no good to either of them and we believe it has to be changed in big ways. That's why our intention is to help running campaigns for greater good rather than help corporates boost their image.

  • Care about the environment?

    Being environmentally friendly is so incredible "in" these days that even BP claims to be sustainable. While there are a few companies that seriously put an effort into becoming more environmentally friendly, we still prefer working with organizations who are dedicated to change and not to profit.

  • Why "not for profit"?

    Certainly organizations can be both: profitable and promoting a good cause. But the truth is that the focus within companies will always be money. The whole idea of business is based on "making money", even if you just make a modest income like us. Organizations with "non-profit" status put the cause at the center. If they still make a profit it doesn't end up in the pocket of the company owners. That's the difference. That's why we don't work with "for profit" organizations.

  • No dogmas, only what's right for us

    All of this may sound harsh to you if you work for a company hoping to work with us. But please bear in mind that this is just what we think is right for us. If you work with "social entrepreneurs" or help companies to clean out their supply chain that's great. It's simply not what we're passionate about.