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    Information Architecture

    Information Architecture strives to answer two simple questions: “Where do we put stuff?” and “How can users find it later?”. Arranging the content to be easily found can turn out to be a quite tricky task. While our office is sometimes a little messy our websites are as tidy as the Shell HQ.

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    User friendly design

    We make sure that your users will have a good experience browsing your website by carefully planning the entire interaction and applying usability best practices. After we've identified your users' needs we can design an interface that helps them to achieve their goals quickly.

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    Well-crafted interfaces

    Our design process is a good mix of creative work and user experience design. Ranging from typographic work to the usage of the most recent web technologies we breathe life into your website. Since we focus on designing for screens we also take accessibility and usability into account.

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    Scalable & flexible

    Using the best open source software available, we implement flexible and scalable solutions that last. Our tools can be extended later on to meet ever changing requirements. They also scale well in terms of performance. Furthermore, our code is written to deal with high traffic environments.

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    State of the art CMS

    You've been dreaming about this Content Management System that helps you with your work rather than getting in the way? We're Drupal specialists and can customize it to literally any extent. Whether you want a specific publishing workflow or a whole community management system: we'll meet your needs.

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    Mobile (Website 2 go)

    Internet traffic from mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets has increased a lot in the past years. If you want to start serving this audience we can help you develop a mobile web strategy and optimize your website for mobile devices.

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    Fluid design

    Not every screen has the same size. Still most websites have a fixed width and do not adjust to the screen size of the user. We have specialized in designing and developing websites that look just as good on a 26 inch screen as on a smart phone. This is also a key accessibility feature as it allows text increasing without breaking the layout.

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    Truly accessible

    Accessibility is more than just a nice word to us. We truly believe the web should be accessible for everyone, regardless of disability or user choice. Websites that are compliant to web standards will also perform better in other areas such as Search Engine Optimization.

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