We lend a hand with eCampaigning

Our team will help you win your campaign. We'll consult you on the strategy, come up with creative ideas and develop the tools you need to succeed. For some organizations we're like an extension of their web team, helping mobilize, engage and improve through testing.

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Utilize the internet for Fundraising

The internet can play a major role in your multi-channel strategy. More onion provides the strategies, the tools and lead generation services to make your online fundraising a success. We focus on results - everything we offer can be calculated to your cost per acquisition in relation to your donor lifetime value.

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Training and consultancy

Over the years we've learned a lot and many organizations are benefiting from this experience and expertise. We provide consultancy services as well as training on digital, technology and activism.

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Design that convinces and looks awesome

Interface design is a crucial aspect of every website. Every day we strive to strike a balance between usability and creativity. What sets us apart - we test our designs thoroughly, analyse the data and if we need to then we'll go back to the drawing board and try something else.

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Cutting edge Technology & Development

Technology is key to success online. But without the right strategy, the technology will only get you so far. That's why we provide a combination of technology and strategy services. We're Drupal specialists and we created Campaignion - an open source campaigning and fundraising tool.

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We make awesome websites

Before starting a relaunch project we listen. Then we analyze, understand and write down your all requirements and how they might change over the course of the project. Starting with user experience design, our team will guide you through the entire process all the way to launch and beyond.