Why working at more onion is fun

Actually there are a few reasons why people want to work with us. The initial reason tends to be that we're dedicated to do good rather than work for dodgy companies. What also tends to shed a good light on us is that we make important decisions together, we believe in glide time and if the weather is nice we don't mind if you do your work in the park (with a mobile internet connection and a webcam).

We also believe in crazy things like "failing early".

Jobs you can apply for

There are currently no vacancies.

There are other ways to work with us

  • A super free freelancer

    If you want to get to know us and maybe work on a freelance basis from time to time just send us an email. We have a database and if we need your expertise we'll get back to you. You might even be able to get a little image of yours next to other people we work with (space is rather limited though).

  • A freelancer, but still in the team

    You can work with us on a freelance basis but still be involved in our team and work at our office. It's a community office so you can put your table next to our tables and use our internet connection. You'll also earn a spot on our website.