• Online branding

    Online branding is hard. Designers have to find the balance between usability, technological restrictions and communicating your brand really well. We are experts at crafting digital brands, ready to set out and change the world.

  • Mobile and responsive

    Mobile brought about the most fundamental changes in how we design for screens. Our team designs with all sizes and contexts in mind, optimizing and tweaking until the experience is just right.

  • Interface design

    Designing an interface is not like designing a brochure. Considering every interaction and how information is presented comes before visual style. An interface has to be easy to use for your target audience and has to communicate your brand at the same time.

  • Prototyping

    Through prototyping and building interactive wireframes we can produce as many iterations as needed all the way to launch and beyond. Prototypes provide us the possibility to do user testing, collect feedback from all stakeholders and find the perfect solution for every problem that comes up.

  • User friendly design

    We make sure that your users will have a good experience browsing your website by carefully planning the entire interaction and applying usability best practices. After we've identified your users' needs we can design an interface that helps them to achieve their goals quickly.

  • Information Architecture

    Information Architecture strives to answer two simple questions: “Where do we put stuff?” and “How can users find it later?”. Arranging the content to be easily found can turn out to be quite a tricky task. While our office is sometimes a little messy our websites are as tidy as the Shell HQ.

  • Accessibility

    Accessibility is more than just a nice word to us. We truly believe the web should be accessible for everyone, regardless of disability or user choice. Websites that are compliant to web standards will also perform better in other areas such as Search Engine Optimization.

  • Analytics and data driven design

    One of the advantages of designing for the web is that we can easily test them. How does the change in structure or design affect your conversion rates? Did the bounce rate go down and visitors are more engaged with your content? We believe that good design has to be proven with data.

  • Art work that works

    Art work is more than just a creative idea. We believe that an illustration or a picture can beautifully express your cause and drive action. And if split tests show that the art work does not do its job in convincing users, then we'll tweak it until it works.

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